Victim Support Basel

The counseling center for victims of violence?

According to the Victim Assistance Act (OHG), victims of violence are entitled to free counseling and support from an official victim counseling center. On behalf of the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, we advise you on social, legal, psychological, insurance-related, medical and financial issues that arise as a result of the offense.

We provide competent, free and confidential advice. We specialize in advice on

  • Traffic accidents and liability cases
  • Crimes in public spaces
  • Women in violence
  • Children and youth in violence
  • Boys and men in cases of violence
  • LGBTQI*people in cases of violence.

Board of the Basel Victim Support Association (VGOBB)

Denise-Blanche Gilli, President;

René Broder, Vice President;

Corina Schweighauser;

Fred Surer;

Elisa Marti.

The Victim Assistance Act has been in force since January 1, 1993. The revised Victim Assistance Act came into force on January 1, 2009.

Victims of crime have

  • Right to advice and information
  • Special rights in criminal proceedings
  • Entitlement to financial assistance
Have you been injured as a result of a criminal offense? Then you are entitled to free counseling and support from the victim counseling center.

Federal Act on Assistance to Victims of Crime

Have you or a close relative been injured as a result of a criminal offense?

Anyone who has suffered direct physical, psychological or sexual harm as a result of a criminal offense is entitled to victim support.

This is particularly the case with:

  • Assault, homicide
  • Robbery
  • Domestic violence
  • Rape, sexual assault and sexual exploitation
  • Deprivation of liberty, hostage-taking
  • Traffic accidents resulting in injury or death

The claim exists regardless of whether criminal proceedings are being conducted or whether the perpetrator has been identified or is a fugitive.

Close relatives are also entitled to advice and support and, under certain conditions, financial assistance.