Domestic violence

What is domestic violence?

People of all social classes, ages and denominations experience domestic violence, i.e. violence in partnerships and families. In the majority of cases, domestic violence is perpetrated by men against women, but men are also victims of domestic violence.

The violence is usually carried out repeatedly over long periods of time and has different faces. There is psychological, physical, sexual and economic violence.
Acts of violence are often interrupted by phases of reconciliation in which the partner promises that he/she will change, that everything will get better. Even after separation from the person perpetrating the violence, the violence often does not end; harassment and threats continue. Sometimes massive stalking is the result.

Domestic violence also includes violence perpetrated by adolescent or adult children against their parents, as well as violence perpetrated by other people in the family environment.

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What is a signpost?

The police can remove a violent person from the apartment or house and ban them from returning for twelve days. During this time, the removed person may also not contact the victims of violence. The entry ban applies to the apartment/house and the immediate surroundings.

If living together has become unbearable, there are the options of separation and divorce.

If you want to separate or divorce from your partner and domestic violence plays a role in your relationship, you can get help and support at our counseling center. We will inform you in detail about the process and consequences of a separation/divorce and support you in taking the necessary legal steps.