Violent offenses

The Victim Assistance Act defines the responsibilities of the counseling centers. Any person whose physical, psychological or sexual integrity has been directly affected by an act of violence is entitled to counseling. It is not a prerequisite that a criminal complaint has been filed.

If a person has suffered injuries as a result of a crime, is the victim of a robbery, a homicide or an attempted homicide, it is not easy to clarify the many questions that arise. Questions arise regarding criminal proceedings , claims for damages, compensation (compensation for pain and suffering), insurance benefits, etc. The consequences for the person affected or their relatives can be serious. Life is no longer as it was before the crime, you may have trouble sleeping, anxiety, etc. You may need psychotherapeutic or medical help, legal support may be necessary. In most cases, specific specialist knowledge is required to clarify all these questions. In this difficult situation, you can turn to Victim Support to get the support you need.

Offenses against psychological integrity primarily include the offenses of threat (Art. 180 StGB) and coercion (Art. 181 StGB). People who receive threats to life or limb or are subjected to coercion often have questions about safety planning and legal options. In a situation like this, it is important to talk to specialists who have the relevant knowledge. Our counselors will also support you in the psychological processing of what has happened.

Stalking is not listed as a separate criminal offense in Switzerland. Nevertheless, stalking can involve acts that are punishable by law. The burden for those affected is often very great, which is why professional support may be necessary.

If someone close to you has been seriously injured or even killed as a result of violence, a traffic accident or an accident at work, this is a very stressful situation and an incisive event for relatives. In addition, legal, financial and social issues usually arise within a short period of time that need to be clarified. Under the Victim Assistance Act, you also have the right as a relative to advice and support from Victim Assistance Basel.