The counseling center for victims of violence.

Victim Support Basel
supports victims of violence and
informs them about their rights.

Robbed, beaten, threatened?

Sexually harassed or raped?

Beaten, threatened, controlled, stalked at home?

Injured in an accident, in traffic or at work?

Child or teenager?

Hired out, provided for?

Forced into sex work?

Medical malpractice, is that possible?

Was your NO not heard?

Can a man be a victim?

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Have you or a close relative been injured as a result of a criminal offense?
Then you have a claim under the Victim Assistance Act (OHG) to free advice and support from victim support.

We are here for you!

You can reach us by telephone

Monday to Friday from 8.30 – 12.00 and from 13.30 – 16.30

Outside these hours you can leave a message on our answering machine or send an e-mail to

For help with domestic violence, contact us around the clock

  • In an emergency and for help on site, always call the police emergency number 117
  • for shelter for women and children to the
    Basel Women’s Shelter
    061 681 66 33 or to the
    Housing for women and children
    061 302 85 15
  • to the offered hand 143
  • to the helpline for children and young people 147