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October 2: International Day of Nonviolence

October 2 is the International Day of Nonviolence according to the UN resolution from 2007. The date goes back to the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. In view of the current crises on all continents and the increasing violence in relationships, communities and society, this day should have an incredibly strong and important meaning. But unfortunately this is not the case.

According to the UN resolution, this international day is an opportunity to spread awareness of non-violence through education and the media. The resolution reaffirms the desire for a culture of peace, tolerance, mutual respect and non-violence.

The World Day is not only dedicated to major conflicts and wars, but also to violence in everyday life and discrimination against individual groups.

We can only imagine the extent of violence in everyday life. The number of victims of violence alone who contact us every day seeking advice and support is high. We all know that there is a very large number of people who do not dare to report the violence they have experienced, who are ashamed, hide, resign themselves…

In terms of prevention, many studies and researchers are looking into the causes of violence and how violence can be prevented. There are still too few studies on the conditions for non-violence and how it can be promoted.

I still vaguely remember my master’s thesis in the 1980s on the subject of peace education and the aspects of teacher behavior. I had placed the work in the social context of the time. When I compare it with today, I am sobered to realize that there has been hardly any remarkable progress. Maybe I’m just looking at the whole thing with the wrong glasses, with the wrong optics. Away from world events and towards the community, relationships and the individual. How do you assess the development towards less violence, towards non-violence?

Opferhilfe beider Basel deals with victims of violence on a daily basis. We listen, advise, support, inform, educate, mediate, motivate, network, finance … and are committed to a world without violence.

For a non-violent world!

Victim Support beider Basel

Beat John

Managing Director